Overlooking our exclusive acres of paddy cultivation in the distance, The Restaurant at Wilpattu Corridor & Tree House Hotel is our prime dining space. Live action station plate up a range of global and local delicacies that include seafood, tapas, and more, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Complementing the fine dining experience and proudly extending into the inland wilderness and lavishly sprawled over a large portion of our hotel, the restaurant - “Field View” at Wilpattu Corridor & Tree House Hotel, Features the culinary luxuries of diverse buffets, set menus and à la carte specialities among the inland wilds. Our “Field View” and its exclusive lounge area rest upon high elevation, and is a great spot to watch the sun set over the plush greenery with a refreshing drink in hand. As a pleasure of our hospitality, Wilpattu Corridor & Tree House Hotel also offers two Signature Dining experiences should you wish to indulge in your meals amidst unique settings within our resident landscapes. For instance, you may choose to enjoy your dinner atop the characteristic deck near your tree house facing the field, or alfresco under the starlit sky of our wild landscapes. The option of preparation of a Wild BBQ for the more adventurous is also available. But if you wish to keep things simple, you may also dine from the privacy and comforts of your own room.



Dine a little differently at Wilpattu Corridor & Tree House Hotel with our three unique Signature Dining experiences, designed to create the finest atmospheres amidst the Inland wilds of our natural environment. Choose to dine upon the shady deck under your own tree house, alfresco in our inland woodlands, with a wholesome BBQ, or simply from the comforts of your own room. With choices aplenty, your Signature Dining experience is bound to both satisfy your hunger and delight your taste buds, with a truly mesmerizing meal in a setting you won’t forget.



Inspired by the adventurous landscapes of Wilpattu and its surroundings, Field View at Wilpattu Corridor & Tree House Hotel, overlooks the green fields of our deep inlands, and specializes in Asian Fusion cuisine with a variety of signature delights that feature influences from around our continent. Expect a combination of tastes from Sri Lanka, India and nations beyond with a range of exciting dishes that stay true to the wild spirit of our Inland home. Our friendly associates and talented chefs are well versed in the cuisines served at Field View, very specially the “Tree House Ambula”, and will be more than happy to recommend a selection of dishes based on your personal tastes and preferences.



Feast upon a variety of grilled delicacies, around a warm fire with friends or family, in a private area that is reserved just for you upon the acres of greenery of Wilpattu Corridor & Tree House Hotel. Kick back upon the wild bushes of wilpattu, with a bottle wine or a shot of Spirit of your choice under a blanket of starry skies at the edge of the acres of field beyond you, or enjoy your meals amidst the breeze of our inland woodlands, be it under the northern sun or a constellation of stars that shine so clearly above our home in Wilpattu.
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